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Ebro Valley

History, heritage, boating and nature
The ancient Iber that gave its name to a civilization and to a country continues today to be the great river of life and future.
From its waters emerge great cities, the bimillennial and at the same time, modern capital, small villages with a riverine past, placid deserts and spectacular riversides, to finally pour into a great reservoir with the name of a Sea, the Sea of Aragon.
History, heritage, boating and nature, a lifetime next to the water.
The Ebro Valley, where water is culture.

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Ebro Valley / Sea of Aragon

Lake Caspe is situated in a lovely place next to the Sea of Aragon.  Perfectly integrated into the environment, the campsite has comfortable facilities for the entire family.

At Lake Caspe Campsite we enjoy a pleasant temperature year-round, and great peace both day and night, which makes it an ideal place for resting and disconnecting.  For the lovers of nautical sports, the campsite has its own sports port, to embark and explore the Sea of Aragon, rowing, sailing, or with a motorboat.